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Interactive Workshop

Interactive Workshop

Taking place after the site tour on Monday morning, 15 May, this interactive workshop will take you all the way to the evening’s Welcome Networking Drinks with Ozwater delegates and exhibitors. The program for the afternoon will begin with a workshop facilitated by the International WaterCentre on leadership, followed by a session on design thinking and digital engineering, and finishing up with a panel discussion on how YWPs will shape our water future. 

Leadership Workshop

Brought to you by the International WaterCentre, this interactive workshop on “Moving from the back seat to the driver's seat: steering your own development as a water leader will give you the tools and guidance you need to become an effective water leader. You'll learn:

  • The importance of mindset, including seeing 'leadership' as a verb not a noun, having a leader identity, taking personal responsibility, taking a long-term approach, T-shape professional profile, and being a lifelong learner.
  • Development methods that are relatively low cost and easy to manage for yourself, including challenging job assignments, feedback from colleagues, mentoring and reflection.

You'll get the chance to share your own experiences and hear from others on what their idea of leadership is. 

Design Thinking & Digital Engineering Session

Following afternoon tea, you’ll learn about design thinking and digital engineering. Ian Hardcastle, Technical Director, Digital Engineering, APAC at Jacobs will showcase design thinking across the whole lifecycle of digital engineering. He will share recent technology projects he’s worked on including Custom House Station and Crossrail in London, along with the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade in Northern New South Wales. He'll tackle challenges on the common data environment, bringing all the data components together, and platforms available for future projects. 

Closing Panel

Concluding the workshop will be a panel session on the importance of young water professionals and future water leaders in shaping the direction of the water industry. This panel will continue building on the discussions had between young water professionals at the 2016 YWP Conference, last year’s Ozwater, and the World Water Congress.


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