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Presentation Types


Abstracts will be considered for oral presentation and poster presentations. 

Oral presentations will be scheduled at 20 minutes each (including speaker introduction) plus five minutes question time. 

Audio visual support will be in PowerPoint format. 

Peer review of full papers will be available.

You must apply using the extended abstract template.


We are calling for case studies that would fit into any of the outlined themes. 

Case studies are suited to organisations or individuals who are able to describe a real life water issue, have been able to analyse the issue, implement a solution and evaluate the results of the project.

Case studies are an excellent way to promote the expertise of your business. 

You must apply using the case study template provided.


Posters will be printed A1 size  and displayed within a high traffic area of the Ozwater’18 Exhibition Hall as well as a digital copy available for all delegates to download. 

In addition, authors will have the opportunity to present their paper in a dynamic pitch session as part of the main conference. 

This quick 5-minute pitch is a teaser of your work that occurs at the start or the end of one of the main programmed sessions. 

Posters can be based on either a technical paper or case study. 

You must apply using either the extended abstract or case study template.


New to Ozwater'18 is the opportunity for individuals and organisations to pitch a product or service within the main conference program.

With a similar format to the poster pitch presentations, product pitches will be allocated a strict 5-minute teaser spot at the start or end of the main programmed session.

In addition, there is the opportunity to have an A1 poster on display in the exhibition within a high traffic area of the Ozwater’18 Exhibition Hall which will be available for all delegates to download instantly as a digital copy and provided in the conference proceedings.

You must apply using the product pitch template.


Workshops are an integral and important part of Ozwater. 

They offer unique, concentrated education that will provide career-enhancing benefits. 

Workshops are interactive and participatory in format to enable participants to contribute via group discussions. 

You must provide all the required information in the workshop template provided.


Panel sessions provide an opportunity for expert panel members to present their views on a specific topic and then to discuss these views among themselves and with the audience.

You must provide all the required information in the panel session template provided.

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