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Date: Monday, 6 May

Time: 12pm – 5pm

Capacity: 30 delegates

Duration: 5 hours

Enhancing Our Dandenong Creek

The Enhancing Our Dandenong Creek program has been implemented as an innovative and alternative approach to the conventional sewerage upgrade. The five-year pilot program was developed in partnership with the community, local businesses, councils, EPA and Melbourne Water. 

In addition to testing and developing a risk-based approach to managing the impact of wet weather spills on a Melbourne Waterway, the objectives of the program were to focus on other environmental and social improvements to meet policy obligations. These focus on providing habitats for threatened species, pollution prevention and detection, increasing the natural amenity value of the creek corridor and managing uncontrolled sewage spills for customers.

This site tour provides participants with the opportunity to explore the works delivered under this novel program. The tour will visit key project sites for native fish habitats, billabong re-engagement, and the ‘daylighting’ works which have seen an 830m section of urban waterway transformed from a piped drain into an open, flowing waterway. The tour will include insights into the development of the project, community engagement, and delivery of the various amenity and waterway works. 

Aquarevo Residential Development

South East Water has changed a 42ha redundant sewage treatment plant into a pre-eminent water and energy-saving 460 house residential development called Aquarevo (AQUAtic REVOlution). In conjunction with Villawood Properties, South East Water developed Aquarevo to provide all homes with recycled Class A water for watering gardens and flushing toilets, and rainwater for hot water in baths, showers and laundry (called Rainwater-to-Hot). This combination of alternative water sources is estimated to save up to 70% of normal potable water use. 

This site tour will give participants the chance to see the first house built at Aquarevo which has an 8-star energy rating and incorporates multiple water and energy-saving features. The Aquarevo House is designed to be a demonstration house for water saving initiatives and includes an integrated reality (IR) model of the BlueHouse water recycling plant, and augmented reality (AR) models of the pressure sewer pod and Rainwater-to-Hot system. The lot is being landscaped to optimise the health and energy-savings provided by a cooling landscape while working with the available water budget.

PPE Requirements

Please wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and closed shoes (preferably safety boots). South East Water will supply high vis vests and safety glasses, as required. Please wear weather-appropriate clothing (rain jackets, sunglasses and hat, warm clothes).


Delegates to meet at 12.00pm at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), coach will depart at 12.10pm. Delegates to tour Dandenong Creek and then Aquarevo development. The coach will then drop delegates back to MCEC arriving at approximately 5pm.


AWA Member: $75.00

Non-Member: $105.00


Date: Monday, 6 May

Time: 12.15pm – 5.00pm

Capacity: 30 delegates

Duration: 4.75 hours


Altona Treatment and Salt Reduction Plants 

City West Water (CWW) services Melbourne’s CBD and western suburbs, some of Australia’s fastest growing areas. This growth, coupled with climate change, will put increasing pressure on our surface water sources. CWW recognises that alternative water sources, such as water recycling and stormwater harvesting, are critical components of a resilient, diverse and fit-for-purpose water supply system.

The Altona Treatment Plant (ATP) is a 14 million litre per day wastewater treatment plant, treating mainly residential wastewater from Melbourne’s western suburbs. In 2011, a sophisticated reverse osmosis recycled water treatment facility was constructed at the plant, which supplies high quality, fit-for-purpose water for industrial use and for irrigating golf courses and council-owned public spaces in the surrounding communities.

The plant operates in a built-up urban area, adding a layer of complexity to operations to ensure the impact on the surrounding community is minimised. The installation of solar panels and energy recovery devices in the RO facility are reducing the plant’s electricity demand from the grid.


The site tour will include a walk-through of the facility and a technical presentation on the design and operation of the plant. 

Greening the Pipeline Park

Greening the Pipeline is transforming the heritage-listed Main Outfall Sewer (MOS) reserve along the Federation Trail bike path into a parkland to support a growing population in Melbourne’s west. This 27km iconic initiative is a partnership between Melbourne Water, Wyndham City Council, VicRoads and City West Water, and is supported by Greening the West. 

As part of a pilot project, a 100m section of the decommissioned MOS reserve at Williams Landing was converted into a vibrant community space, effectively repurposing a 19th century asset into a 21st century public open space. The new park consists of an integrated stormwater system within the MOS channel that captures, treats and reuses stormwater to irrigate the park. The other features of the park include landscaped open space areas, exercise equipment, benches and seats, a community garden, and views of the old MOS. 

As part of the site tour we will look back at the heritage significance of the MOS, but also look forward at our ambitious plan to reshape this region and provide for more valuable open space while managing water sensitively.  

PPE requirements

Please wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and close-toe shoes with no heel. High vis vests will be provided by City West Water.  


Delegates to meet at 12.15pm at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), coach will depart at 12.30pm. Delegates to tour Altona Treatment and Salt Reduction Plants and then Greening the Pipeline Pilot Park and Skeleton Creek Aqueduct. The coach will then drop delegates back to MCEC arriving at approximately 5pm.


AWA Member: $75.00

Non-Member: $105.00


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