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Submission Guidelines & Selection Criteria

Submission guidelines

Please note the following important submission guidelines: 

  • Ozwater'18 submissions may be amended or withdrawn before Friday, 8 September 2017.
  • You must select from the list the conference theme in which your submission fits.
  • You must select the correct template and follow all formatting instructions in the submission template.
  • The title should be clear and concise (under 20 words).
  • You may submit more than one abstract, case study, panel session or workshop proposal.
  • Presenters can only feature in the Ozwater'18 program once as an oral speaker. If multiple submissions are selected a alternative presenter will be required.
  • By submitting an abstract, case study, panel session or workshop proposal it will be assumed that all authors have consented to its submission and that all copyright provisions listed here have been met.
  • The paper accepted into the Ozwater'18 program must not have been presented or published previously.
  • Abstracts & full papers will appear online as submitted by the requested due dates.
  • Submissions must be based on outcomes, not future projects.
  • Ozwater is the leading water sector conference in Australia and as such, the quality of presentation delivery should be of the highest standard.
  • Any submission of a commercial or marketing nature will not be accepted, unless selecting the product pitch option.

Abstract selection criteria

All abstracts for technical papers and case studies are industry peer-reviewed by water industry professionals and academics, and scored based on the below criteria. Australian Water Association staff are not involved with the reviewing process.

Top-scoring abstracts are then sent to the Ozwater’18 program committee for an additional review to ensure that they meet the Ozwater’18 themes and a draft program is established.

Technical papers and case studies for consideration for oral presentations are judged on:

  • Relationship and significance to the themes of the conference
  • Contribution to the water sector
  • Technical and case study content
  • Interest and significance to the Ozwater audience
  • Status of the project
  • Quality (spelling, grammar and layout)

Workshop and panel session selection criteria

All workshop and panel session proposals are selected by the Ozwater’18 program committee. Workshops and panel session proposals are judged on the overall fit into the Ozwater’18 program and themes as well as to ensure that there are no clashes with technical papers or case studies. Please ensure that you provide as much information in all questions.


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