Australia's International Water
Conference & Exhibition


Provision of safe, secure water and sanitation is core business for the water sector. Excellence in operations and asset management is critical to ensure we meet the needs of the customers and communities we service. The following questions are some of the excellence in operations and asset management areas we would like to explore.

1. How can we turn improvement projects into continuous improvement?

2. Process management or monitoring?

3. Is there such a thing as too much data, i.e. high quality data vs high quantity of data?

4. How are we implementing best practice across all aspects of treatment and management within the water cycle? 

5. How can we turn data into dollars?

6. How are performance insights driving your business?

7. Fabulous Failures: Lessons learnt from the industry

8. Are water utilities future energy providers?

9. Are multi-utilities the “now” or the next frontier?

10. Predicting the future! Does reliable predictive maintenance exist?

11. Does excellence in operation contribute to excellence in safety management?

12. What can the water sector do to become more resilient to changes in climatic conditions and extreme weather events? How can the water sector coordinate its responses/strategies with other essential services and infrastructure providers (e.g. transport, electricity, government)?

13. How are utilities bringing greater intelligence into managing asset performance?

14. How can we extend asset life through reducing water demand and sewer inflows?

15. Rating schemes and performance benchmarking for utilities: what are the options?

16. What are some advances in resource recovery and waste management?

17. How to develop a good asset management culture within an organisation

18. How are water businesses dealing with managing critical infrastructure and national security?

19. Beyond the meter – the future of smart homes

20. Making our pipe networks smart(er) – time to make them work for a living!

21. Practical ways to optimise management of and investment in asset portfolios

22. Asset management decision making

23. How to maximise the value to be gained from Strategic Asset Management Plans

24. How is the Internet of Things and operational technology contributing to operational excellence?


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