Australia's International Water
Conference & Exhibition


Increasingly, the water sector is playing a key role in strengthening communities by involving them in decision making, developing solutions that improve sustainability and liveability, and delivering multiple benefits to those being serviced. The following questions are some of the areas we would like to explore.

1. How is the water sector supporting and creating sustainable communities?

2. What are the case studies that show how some communities have successfully become more liveable and sustainable? 

3. How can we best balance societies’ and the environment’s needs into the future? 

4. What is the ‘Blue Revolution’?

5. What are the opportunities associated with moving towards a Blue Economy?

6. What are alternative financing models we can consider for water projects and businesses?

7. What are our options for financing our future?

8. How can we work with/include communities in our decisions about water?

9. How can water businesses deliver shared value by finding business opportunities in social problems?

10. How can we engage better with customers and the community about future challenges in delivering essential services? Do water utilities do this alone or as part of a more holistic approach through state and local governments or other means? 

11. How can communities have a greater say in urban water futures?

12. How do water utilities contribute to creating multi-purpose facilities recreational areas for communities?

13. What are organisations doing to address the Sustainable Development Goals? 


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