Australia's International Water
Conference & Exhibition



Governance, policy, regulation, institutional and business structure settings are important elements that enable the water sector to achieve the desired outcomes at a customer, industry and organisation level. Being agile and able to respond to action needed is key for the industry moving forward.  Who’s doing this well now and what can we learn? What are the challenges we need to overcome to enable action?

  • Reflecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and spiritual values and knowledge in water planning, management and decision-making – what governance changes are needed to achieve this?
  • Collaborating in a competitive environment 
  • Doughnut economics and beyond the cost-benefit ratio: innovative, inclusive decision frameworks considering multiple objectives  
  • Best practice in policy and regulation 
  • Policy and governance initiatives to meet the Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Regulatory frameworks for the provision of safe potable water 
  • Working across government sectors/agencies to get the best outcomes for the community, economy and environment 
  • Facilitating efficient and effective competition in the water sector (e.g. legislative frameworks, regulatory models, pricing) 
  • Best practice in managing risk and opportunity
  • How is technology and innovation shaping governance, policy and regulation?
  • Facilitating integrated decision making across governance and management boundaries 
  • Managing water scarcity through improved policy, regulation and/or governance 
  • Working with regulators to achieve the best customer outcomes 
  • Direct and indirect potable reuse of treated wastewater
  • Water pricing and valuation
  • Aligning urban land use planning and urban water cycle planning
  • Should national consistency across the water industry be our goal?
  • Challenges and opportunities from population growth and climate change
  • What economic and governance frameworks/models are required to enhance private sector participation in developing countries?
  • Contemporary business practice outpacing regulation and policy, leading change




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