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Safety is the first priority for the water sector. In recognition of the importance of safety we have established a dedicated theme. The following questions are some of the areas of safety and wellbeing we would like to explore.

1. Case studies on organisations and initiatives putting people’s safety first – both physically and psychologically 

2. What are examples of safety and culture behaviour models?

3. Benchmarking the sector’s performance: what needs to be done to reach zero harm outcomes?

4. How does the water sector benchmark against other sectors? What are they doing that we are not?

5. Examples of safety improvement programs. What was done to create a step change in performance?

6. Tell us about your organisation’s safety leadership program and why it makes a difference

7. What is the nexus between competency and behaviour?

8. How is safety, quality and environment risk identified and managed through project lifecycle?

9. Working in a live operating environment: lessons learnt to achieve great safety outcomes

10. Task planning tools

11. Examples of where technology is assisting HSE performance 

12. Human factors in design: how is BIM assisting?

13. Fatigue and shift work: understanding exposure to develop SMART rosters and acceptable control strategies 

14. What are the trends in key casual factors contributing to water safety performance?

15. Safety critical communications: how are communications contributing to better safety performance?

16. What good examples or technology have been deployed to create better safety outcomes?


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